Reimagining the future

Expanding the stories we tell

Exploring new technologies

Who We Are

Black Kid Miracles is a community interest company founded in the UK with the mission to empower the lives of young people by strengthening well-being through creativity and culture.

What We Do

  • Explore through art: science, technology and human values.
  • Develop and implement projects and workshops that help foster creativity and innovation in visual art, design and fashion.
  • Develop and build key networks and partnerships towards impacting our communities positively.

Our Goals

  • Our vision is to reimagine the future by expanding the stories we tell within our black communities.
  • Engage a young dynamic black demographic to explore topics that they might not usually come in contact with by presenting them in a unique format that resonates in an entertaining and insightful way.
  • Creatively push artistic boundaries in the content offered to young black audiences.


Artificial Intelligence


Block Chain

Human Values

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