Reimagining the future

Expanding the stories we tell

Exploring new technologies

Music since the dawn of humanity has been the gateway to expressing our emotions through the most important moments in our lives:

From rites of passage: the birth of a new child, mourning the passing of love ones, preparing for battle, expressing spirituality, to the union of marriage; music evokes and resonates to the very fabric of what defines us as humans. Over the last two decades Hip Hop has emerged as the most dominant art form in the world becoming the voice for an entire generation, inspiring entrepreneurship, fashion and art.

The Black Kid Miracles Project has the mandate to use the dynamic engagement of hip-hop with a young black demographic to explore important topics in science, technology and human values that do not get enough light within our communities.

Topics that the project looks to explore in a creative setting are Block Chain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Mindfulness, Financial literacy, Cultural appropriation and Racism to list a few.

This will involve telling stories in innovative ways that bring together a collective of musicians, visual artists, script writers, songwriters, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, engineers and programmers to work in synergy.

Our goal is to expand the narrative of the black experience.

Our vision with this project is therefore to:

1) Reimagine the future by expanding the stories we tell as artists.

2) Engage a young dynamic black demographic to explore topics that they might not usually come in contact with by presenting them in a way that speaks to them in an entertaining and insightful way.

3) Creatively push artistic boundaries in the content offered to young black audiences.

Block Chain Technology

Satoshi Nakamoto

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Climate Change

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